Module 2: Concrete Action to Calm Down



Sometimes, when youth are in the midst of an emotion episode, they need to cool off in order to do the work that can end the emotional intensity: problem solving new goals and new strategies and using cognitive appraisal and flexible attention.

sipriano-142Carlos teaches young people about things they can do to distract themselves momentarily to help ease the emotional intensity. There is no magic here. Just helping youth think through the things that really do change emotional intensity. These are things like exercise and showers and washing of the face.

He also teaches some skills we learned from DBT: the half smile and opposite action.

The activities in this module help youth develop their personalized plan for distraction.

The caregivers learn to prompt youth to use the distraction activities they have chosen.

Access the online portion of this module  for young people HERE.

Access the online portion of this module for caregivers HERE.



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