Module 4: Workable Thinking in an Emotion Episode



In this module, we start teaching skills that youth can use to better handle their emotions. We don’t start with the simple stuff. We start with complex, inter-related skills, so they can be practiced throughout the rest of the curriculum. The skills are:

  • asking is this workable for me?
  • flexibly focusing attention
  • staying in the present moment
  • describing without judgment
  • understanding our judgmental caveman minds and why they say unhelpful things to us
  • and seeing words and thoughts as just words and thoughts



This module is heavily influence by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

The activities in this module include mindfulness scripts, practice describing without judgment, identifying words that we use against ourselves and practice defusing these words.

The module for caregivers is substantially shorter, but they have the option of viewing the youth versions where these skills are taught.

Access the online portion of this module  for young people HERE.

Access the online portion of this module for caregivers HERE.



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