Feb 052013

The blog portion of the Handling Intense Emotion web site will be used to update progress on the development, production, roll out and testing of the Handling Intense Emotions curriculum.

We started scripting Handling Intense Emotions in July 2012, with four of us (Curtis, Emily, Andy and Mercedes) working full time. In August 2012, we began producing content: hiring actors, shooting limited video, recording voice over, and taking photographs.

For some academics and social work types, it was a hoot and holler! The actors were lively. We tackled steep learning curves. We learned things about the University of Chicago — who knew it had a sound booth and sound engineer? We love you Marlon Aguilar!

In September, we started importing this content into Articulate Storyline, a rapid e-learning production tool, and started editing away.

And we edited. And edited. And edited.

And we burned out on editing.

Then we took a break and started editing some more.

When will it end?

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